Zumba Fitness Classes with Farida

 Learn the skills - On our Video Blog you will find information on how to cut up Zumba®T-Shirts, weightloss advice using your Zumba®tools and more!

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Own the gear - We love and promote all Authentic Zumbawear® products. We educate and discourage the circulation of fake Zumbawear® products out there.  The Zumbawear® fitness wear brand was established by Zumba® Fitness in 2007. Many men and women love Zumbawear® fitness clothing design for it's uniqueness, quality, vibrant color accents and fashion. Zumba® leggings lift and tighten your body so that you look and feel toned.  This is one of many reasons why people just love the instant boost of confidence they get when wear it. Zumba® tops and tanks range from being flattering to outright sexy for women and men to wear.  Lots of styles to choose from so that you look your best and feel amazing!