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Welcome to our website called Zumba Fitness Classes with Farida. Check out the blog and you'll find a lot of interesting content to read up on as a participant or even and Instructor.  On the blog, you will also find content about various ZUMBAWEAR®  clothing styles and other related content. 

Here are some things we cover on our blog:

  • Top Monthly Zumba Songs

  • How to learn various Zumba Dancing Techniques

  • How to become a Zumba Fitness Instructor

  • How to cut up your Zumba T-Shirts in various styles including a Tulip Top

  • Weight loss with Zumba Fitness Exercise 

  • And More!

We also discourage the circulation of fake Zumbawear® products so have confidence that the pieces that we do offer are 100% authentic.

Are you holding a Zumba Fitness Event? Contact us with vendor requirements and we would be more than happy to offer Zumbawear clothing to your high-spirited participants.

If you are familiar with thezumbasoul.wordpress.com, we wrote a lot of the material on there and many people all over the world found our advice helpful. 

What is ZUMBAWEAR ®?

The clothing line was created by Zumba Fitness in the year 2007. It is Colombian made, high quality, and vibrant in color. Back then Zumbawear was really crazy different. The tights were like bell bottoms and the colors used were pastel colors.  Check out the first VHS Tape that was launched by Zumba Fitness in the year 2001-2002 and you will see what we mean.  That was 15 years ago! By the year 2012, the clothing line was bringing in over 10 million a year! WOW! Why? Because it is amazing, great quality and fashion-forward sports apparel.  Cargo pants and tank tops were the two most popular types of clothing. Fashion is always evolving so now it's the Zumba leggings and fashionable Zumba Tops.  In this day and age when people wear the clothes, they instantly get a boost of confidence. What cardiovascular exercise makes you giggle laugh and smile all at the same time? That's right! Zumba Classes! Now imagine how much more amazing you will feel in ZUMBAWEAR! Instant confidence - more happiness - and more calories burnt for anyone who wears it!  Crazy but true! You will see positive messages on this clothing communicating your love for dance, for Zumba and the desire to get happy. Zumbawear is not just a clothing line but it's the best way to communicate to the world how much you love taking your Zumba Fitness Classes and encourage others to join them too.

If there is any topic you want us to blog about then submit your idea to our contact us page.

Keep it sexy and never stop dancin'!


Zumba Fitness Classes with Farida